Who we are

The TGA is devoted to bringing practical and academic sense into the wildlife arena with decades of experience in managing conservation. The truth is sometimes hard to accept but with evidence and knowledgeable expertise the decisions are often met with sometimes severe conflict due to the sensitivities from the general public. The decisions are made for the greater good of our planet and for the survival of the species in question. Wildlife has become a war zone between animal rights extremist organisations and those who care deeply about the future of our planet and the species we co-exist with. We at TGA have had to find a balance between too many and not enough, and that often causes a misinterpretation of cruelty or insensitivity. which is not the case. For the viewer who is prepared to understand the true in depth complicated and intricacies that are forged through decades of experience in understanding our worldly purpose, then you are one step further ahead then those who will simply remain naive in the belief that what the TGA do is cruel and insensitive. We all play a part in this world, and nothing lives forever, nature itself is cruel in the survival of the strongest, fittest, fastest and wisest. Humankind is no different. We aim to educate and enlighten the public with respect to the complexities involved in managing conservation so that the process can recycle itself through the time, and the affected species that are most dominant in the circle of life, will be protected and managed so that their existence will be ensured through indefinite time and space. We are as a species in our true selfish and sentient form, and we are living proof that nature insists to exist. It is up to us to keep it that way.

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