Anarchy in Conservation – Verbied Wildsvleis Eet in SA

The advent of the world-wide Covid 19 pandemic has provided many unsavoury people with the opportunity to make personal gains by spreading fake news and propaganda that has been purposefully laced with unproven facts.  This is clearly demonstrated in recent press releases authored by two fanatical female animal rightists, Michelle Pickover (EMS Foundation) and Elize Tempelhoff (Die Beeld & Volksblad), who have been plaguing South African government ministers to shut down wildlife butcheries and wildlife slaughter houses; demanding of these ministers that they encourage South Africans to stop eating game meat; and that they ban all wildlife product exports. They claim that people in the wildlife industry, who are required to handle game meat during their normal employment, are being exposed to the Covid 19 virus.

Their expositions include their projections of multiple rumours as fact; and they know so little about the scientific facts covering a whole host of related  issues, that they believe it is right and proper to harangue the South African public with their verbal trash; and to demand the banning of multiple wildlife management practices about which they have no knowledge whatsoever. They behave as though they know better than the Ministers of Environmental Affairs, of Agriculture, and of Health, to the extent that they are comfortable giving those august persons ‘warnings’ and ‘reminders’ about matters relating to their respective and highly complex government portfolios.

And shame on the editors who are encouraging these audacious people to mislead the South African public so badly.

Just to place this argument on the right foundation the general public should be advised that animal rightists are people whose purpose in life is to ABOLISH all animal uses by man: no cattle ranching; no ham-and-eggs for breakfast; no braais; no biltong; no angling; no horse riding; no hunting; no game ranching; no cats and dogs for pets – and they insist that mankind should survive on a purely vegetable diet.

By contrast animal ‘welfare’ people are quite happy for man to indulge in these traditional animal ‘uses’. Their only proviso is that, when doing so, no cruelty should be involved in the process.

So, animal rights and animal welfare are as different as chalk and cheese.

In recent decades there has been a trend in animal rights behaviour indicating a rise towards anarchy.  The animal rightists are challenging government authorities and they are getting bolder every day. They say they WANT to control society.  In fact, they DO control Society – when it comes all matters concerning wildlife management.

ANARCHY, therefore, already RULES!  The question is: For how long is the public going to allow this state of affairs to continue.

Ron Thomson. CEO – TGA

Referring to the article below as published on line in Beeld today

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  1. I don’t think we should worry too much about this pathetic article. This EMS foundation represents nobody. We should however worry that Media24 is willing to publish such rubbish. They are obviously in need of a serious scolding. The article is also very poor journalism from Tempelhof; this just destroys her credibility.

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