Animal Rightists Opposed to People Owning Pets

Animal rightists are even opposed to people owning pets – like dogs and cats and budgies. Yet human healthcare experts recognise the fact that the love elderly people give to pets, and the love they receive back from their pets, have a therapeutic effect on their health, happiness and mental contentment.

They call themselves vegans and insist that human societies should obtain ALL their nutritional needs through the consumption of plant foods ALONE. They state that man should refrain from eating any kind of animal protein.

Some bizarre statements have been made by the most fanatical of animal rights advocates. One of these, in trying to equate mankind with this animal friends, claims that “a child is a rat is a dog” – meaning they are all equal.

There are different levels of individual commitment to the animal rights cause, but they all have one thing in common. They ALL say man has NO right to use animals for his own benefit and they claim animals have an equal right to life-and liberty as has man.

Extract from the book Managing our Wildlife Heritage by Ron Thomson






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