Are you qualified to operate just because you think you know?

Don Pinnock, as a journalist,  may have a way with words but his assumption that he is an authority on wildlife management and hunting issues is way off beam.  There is nothing in his history that qualifies him to pontificate on such matters as the hunting of an elephant at Timbavati.  His only qualification in that regard is that he is a died-in-the wool animal rightist and what he wants, together with all his other animal rightists friends, is the abolition of ALL hunting not just the hunting of THIS particular elephant.  I cannot tell readers HOW to think, but I hope this little pearl of wisdom will forewarn the uninitiated just what his motives are.

My response to the article Timbavati risks tourist backlash to hunt a super tusker – the Daily Maverick

8 March 2017


Animal-right-ti-cians A group of people who feels more qualified than authorities on wildlife management to make decisions on weather to cull or not… 



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