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As Promised: Ron on JERM Warfare

Ron Thomson joined Jerm for a discussion about Kruger’s elephants. His experience and knowledge are next level.

Ron Thomson has a total of 57 years of hands-on experience in wildlife management, national park administration and African big game hunting. This, together with his thorough understanding of the science of wildlife management, places him in a class of his own.

Throughout his professional life Ron Thomson was a game warden in one or another of Africa’s national park organisations – primarily in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). There his big game hunting experience grew out of government’s need to employ him, and others like him, to conduct problem animal control work – on leopard, lion, hippo, buffalo and elephant – wherever these animals were in conflict with man. Ron and his supporting team also captured 140 black rhinos on foot, using conventional hunting techniques but armed only with a dart gun.

Ron intricately understands conservation and how to best manage wildlife, especially big game. In his conversation with me, he outlines the challenges facing the Kruger National Park, and how to solve them.

The cold truth is that a .378 Magnum is one of the very few remaining solutions.


What JERM says about mainstream media

“Establishment media is disconnected from reality (as usual) and perpetuates a complete inversion of what is true.

My rule of thumb is to take mainstream claims with a pinch of salt because, often, they’re well-funded or influenced by ideological and corporate lobbying.

Animal rights groups, for example, are typically politicised and, in fact, are harmful because they care more about their narratives than the animals.

**Ignoring establishment media is something the fake pandemic and fake climate emergency has taught me.**

Watch the interview here

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