Botswana and Dying Elephants

Starvation, disease, eaten themseves outa house and home. That’s fiddlesticks compared with what’s coming in Kruger, Hwange, Gonarhezou, et al.

The greatest danger to survival of elephant species is the animal activist movement.

It has infiltrated protected area management and intimidated others to stop population controls which keep animals in balance with their habitats.

As the burgeoning African human populations expand into the last wild places which aren’t protected areas, so they will eliminate all species of wildlife which have no value to humans and which compete with them for lebensraum.

They will be replaced by cattle, goats and sheep.

That means protected areas like national parks, which are set aside for pristine conservation of biodiversity, will be the only havens remaining for wildlife.

If the habitats in those protected areas are damaged or destroyed by animal over-population, the wildlife populations will be compromised to the extent the habitat is damaged.

That’s common-sense, but as one of my mentors once said, “common-sense” is one of the most uncommon things known to mankind..!

John Rance

For more insight into this issue:-

Another reality of this scenario is that every other species of herbivorous wild animal is plagued with the same problem – finding enough food to stay alive during the dry season (because the elephants have long ago eaten up all the edible plants). And (like the baby elephants) – because of inadequate nutrition – these other animals do not have the physical strength to make the 25 kms hike (each way) – between water and the location of the distant food supply. So, these lesser animals have to ‘somehow’ find enough food in this plant-less desert to stay alive – or they die.  And they do die!!!  In 2013, the Botswana government admitted that all other game species that shared the demolished habitats with the elephants, were in free-fall decline by, on average, 60 percent.  Some species were down in number that year, by 90 percent.

Ron Thomson

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