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2 ELEPHANTSFacts MatterThe Elephants of Africa and CITES

Comment on the USFWS Submission

Re – Draft Environmental Assessment and Economic Analysis Revisions of the African Elephant Rule under Section 4(d) of the United

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2 ELEPHANTSElephant ManagementElephant Management in Kruger National Park Series 9-TGA Public Position Statements

A Public Guidance Publication: The Importance of an Animal’s Four Life-Quarters

The True Green Alliance A Public Guidance Publication Understanding The Principles And Practices Of Wildlife Management One does not become

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Public Information bulletin.No.1. (re the Minister’s HLP report)

I am concerned that the Minister – from the very beginning – did not properly define specific practical and/or scientific

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2 ELEPHANTSElephant ManagementMedia Releases

The Endangered Species Fallacy

There is a fundamental flaw in the way that man conceives of wildlife and how it should be managed. And,

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Shades of a Pernicious Animal Rights Cult

After scathing rebuttal comments written by two True Green Alliance (TGA) directors, in response to anti-sustainable-wildlife-use and anti-hunting articles that

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3 RHINOShort Articles

Take Away all the Blockages and Assist South Africa’s Rhino Farmers

It is my opinion that government paid far too much attention to the animal rights opposition to WHITE rhino farming

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