Cattle Don’t Really Fart Methane

It’s repeated over and over again: cow farts are ruining our planet – they’re worse than the transportation industry!

Methane emitted from cattle are part of the natural, or “biogenic” carbon cycle, whereas fossil fuels are not.

Fossil fuels come from “ancient” carbon that has been locked underground for millions of years, and when it is extracted, it’s adding new carbon to the atmosphere, which lasts thousands of years.

In the case of cattle, they are transforming existing carbon, in the form of grass and other fibrous materials, into methane as part of their digestive process.

Methane is then belched out and after about 10 years, is broken back down into water and carbon dioxide molecules. The CO2 and H2O are cycled back to grow more grass and the cycle continues.

What’s more? Cattle up-cycle nutrients. They convert grass and other plants that are of little nutrient value to humans into high-quality protein while improving the quality of our soil.

Can our cars do that?

So the next time you hear someone say that cows are the culprit of climate change, pull back this methane smoke screen of the fossil fuel industry and say: It’s not the cows, it’s the cars.

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