Celebrate, Animal Rights Groups’ Failure to Influence South Africa

Let’s celebrate victory over animal rights groups’ failure to influence South Africa.
The animal rights groups are currently complaining about Minister Creecy’s recent appointment of an Advisory Panel of Experts who are advising her on wildlife trade options to promote sustainable use in South Africa. Notably,  all the SADC countries are pro-sustainable use. 
Let’s never listen to animal rights groups’ failed and shamelessly recycled threats of tourists boycotting South Africa and SADC countries in protest over sustainable use.
The only concern I have heard tourists express about visiting South Africa is related to crime,  not protest over sustainable use. South Africa is nobody’s zoo and will never become anybody’s zoo. It is a truly sustainable use country.
In fact, during the post COVID-19 era South Africa and SADC countries would need to trade in wildlife products more than ever before, in order to generate conservation funds that their COVID-19 damaged economies can hardly generate, without wildlife trade. 
Meanwhile, tourists will continue to trip over one another coming to South Africa. 
Trade, not aid will save African wildlife and dignify its people. We shall continue to trade in rhino horn and ivory to save our wildlife.
Emmanuel Koro
TGA Board member

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