Comment by Emmanuel Koro

Ron Thomson’s confrontational and disruptive communication approach is the most effective communication approach in a world that has long taken Africans for fools because they used the ‘nice guy’ communication approach that you’re suggesting.

The Western animal rights fundraising industry has long killed diplomacy in international wildlife trade politics through strategic vote-rigging within the CITES decision-making framework.

African people’s sovereign and human rights must never be compromised in quest for friendships that have been sought before but made Africans look a proverbial fool with a million dollars in his bank account but when his hungry children ask for bread he says he can’t buy,  because the guy next door (animal rights groups to be precise) prohibits him to use his wealth. SHAME!!!

Instead of being rewarded for elephant and rhino conservation success wildlife-rich SADC countries will ironically be punished again at the November 2022 in Panama City; through a NO-VOTE for their ivory and rhino horn trade bids.

Emmanuel Koro

Johannesburg based environmental journalist




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