Damage to Africa’s Wildlife by Western Animal Rights Groups

(1). Africa and the damage being done to Africa’s Wildlife by western Animal Rights Groups

The imagination of the developed Western World has been ‘captured’ by the emotional and untruthful propaganda of Western animal rights groups; and Africa is currently facing the probable total extinction of ALL its wildlife this century as a consequence.

These nefarious groups go by many generic names – “conservationists”, “animal welfarists”, “environmentalists” to name but three, but they never tell the world that they are REALLY “animal rightists”. Society should be asked to consider why it thinks this should be so.

The reason is that TRUE “conservationists” (sustainable-use advocates); TRUE “animal welfarists” (who are concerned that man should not be cruel to animals) and TRUE “environmentalists” (who are genuinely concerned about keeping the world’s environment in healthy state for man and nature to live in) all have genuine and important attributes associated with their activities.

Animal Rightists have none. Animal rightists are people whose purported purpose in life is to abolish all animal uses by man; and they demand that man should live on a totally vegetable diet. And they use these ‘more acceptable to society’ titles to mask their real intentions. Animal Rightsism, in reality, practices fraud (it tells lies about Africa’s wild animals – like the elephant is facing extinction {which is untrue}   then raises funds from the public to “stop the elephant from becoming extinct” – and pockets the money); and the same fraud used repeatedly is categorised as “racketeering” (according to the American RICO Act); which makes the animal rights movement an international organised crime ring (according to the American RICO Act).

The influence of the Western World’s intrusion into Africa – on the animal rightist’s ticket – cannot be properly assessed unless Africa’s human population explosion factor is taken into account.

(UN figures) In 1900 Africa’s human population south of the Sahara Desert was 95.9 million people; by the year 2000 this number had grown to 622 million; and (if the same rate on population increase continues into the current century – which is probable) the calculated human population in this same region of Africa will be over 4 billion by 2100.

The only animals that are likely to still be alive in Africa in the year 2100, therefore, will be cattle, sheep and goats.   WHY?

Because the rural people of Africa depend upon these domestic animals for survival. They cannot afford for them to become extinct. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out, therefore, that if Africa’s rural people replace their cattle, sheep and goats – with elephants, rhinos and buffaloes (which will provided them with infinitely more valuable survival benefits) it will be the elephants, rhinos and buffaloes that will survive the human onslaught at the end of the current century (NOT cattle sheep and goats).

And it is the forward thinking wildlife managers and the sustainable-use advocates, who understand this; and it is THEY who are promoting the need to “integrate the needs of the people with the needs of the wildlife” – by way of creating symbiotic partnerships between Africa’s people and ‘their’ wildlife.

FIRST WORLD governments, however, don’t “see” this. All they “see” and “hear” is the emotional animal rights propaganda that wants to STOP all such symbiotic plans.

We “AFRICANS” know that we are right. We live with this problem all the time. And we KNOW that if wildlife is valueless to the rural African people they will destroy the wild animals and replace them with cattle sheep and goats which DO have value to the local people. And THAT is the simple alternative we have to consider.

Under the leadership of Ian Khama, Botswana became a basket case. Ian Khama, apparently, is a director of an American Animal Rights Group that is funded by the giant American business, Walmart.

For years Khama has hung onto the shirt-tails of Derek and Beverly Joubert – renowned film makers – two of his greatest friends – and they are enthusiastic animal rightists. I am advised that the Wilderness Safari Group in Botswana is also in the same kraal and that, like the Jouberts, it has greatly influenced Khama’s thinking and actions.

Indeed, the animal rights fraternity – all with great tourism interests in Botswana – have played Ian Khama as they would a baby in nappies…. and all to achieve business objectives for themselves. They believe, for example, that massive elephant spectacles can last forever and that they are what tourists demand to see. They have no idea, nor interest in, anything to do with elephant management.

There has been NO elephant population management in Botswana’s history – ever.

(2). Elephant management in Botswana.

Depending on how you look at elephants and their management needs there are between 150 000 and over 200 000 elephants in the Botswana mega-elephant-population today (including the Zimbabwe Hwange elephant population which, ecologically, is part of the same mega-population – which means they all interact together and breed with each other in one great population).

For the habitats that are available to, and that are used by, this population during the dry season (which is the ecological bottleneck period of every year), this population is no less that 2000 percent overstocked with elephants. That means the habitats are being trashed ever more greatly annually and that the biodiversities of the game reserves that support them are being destroyed more and more every year.


Now we have the German Government injecting 15.5 million Euros into the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA) (focussed on Botswana) – with no responsible elephant-cum-national park management programme in sight! What a waste of good money. What greater destructive force can there possibly be than an unlimited supply of money to create a new desert for Africa.

KAZA cannot survive without a massive decrease in the unbelievable overload of elephant biomass on this fragile semi-desert environment.   This huge mega-population of elephants must surely be the biggest ever EXCESSIVE elephant population in the recorded history of Africa.

Ian Khama is the single most cause of this whole debacle; and he has a cheek to criticise Donald Trump – who is “starting” to see the African light is some sort of responsible perspective. We have a lot of ground to cover with regard to President Trump understanding – and “seeing” – the BIGGER AFRICAN CONSERVATION PICTURE. But he is “getting there”.

And there are more and more responsible people in Africa who are saying “THANK GOD FOR DONALD TRUMP” – at last we have an American President who has the guts voice his own opinion about Africa and its wildlife. With him in power, Africa, its people and its wildlife still has a chance.

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