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Dear Annie – Inconvenient Facts

Dear Annie,

There is hope for us all yet.

I opened my eyes and my ears this morning to a television discussion on the internet in which the author of a new book totally and authoritatively debunked the man-made-global-warming theory. It was music to my ears. The book is called:


– The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know –

The author is a well-known and much respected scientist called Gregory Wrightstone, who has multiple degrees in geology; and he is an adviser and a member of many respectable scientific boards.  He was recently added as an “EXPERT REVIEWER” to the United Nations International Panel for Climate Change (The IPCC). Wrightstone, therefore, has all the social and academic ingredients, and connections, that make him a formidable Global Warming Skeptic. The purpose of his book , he says, is: To provide non-scientists with well documented, easily understood data on the basics of the science, while spotlighting the many glaring flaws, in the climate catastrophe argument.”  He further states that: “The threat to humanity is not climate change or global warming but a group of men (and women) intent on imposing an agenda based on severely flawed science. He reminds us that Thomas Huxley said: “The great tragedy of science is the slaying of a beautiful theory by an ugly fact.”

He goes on to say: Great is truth and mighty above all things – even in climate change. Science he says should distinguish between “what is” and “what is not”. What is “the truth” he asks. He states that the very pseudo-scientists who crafted “the scare of scares” (the man-made global warming myth) and then peddled what he called the “scam of scams”, are our biggest danger.  They did NOT tell the truth.  Instead “they toed the party (UN) line”. “It is now being said”, he says, that the “man-made global warming scare was the greatest lie ever told.” Now, I believe, ‘the REAL truth’ (about the man-made global warming scare) will soon be laid bare …. Emerging, at last, from the labyrinth of IPCC lies.

All in all, however, Wrightstone debunks the whole man-made-global-warming myth in very scathing and convincing terms

I have read the first several pages of this book (on line) and I hope to get stuck into reading the rest soon. But, already, I am buoyed up with hope – Hope that all is not lost. If we can get authors the likes of Wrightstone to expose FACTS  that will shatter the man-made-global warming myth, we may yet get honest people who will do the same thing to rid humanity of the animal rights NGO scourge, too.

Please spread this message far and wide! The book is available for purchase on the internet at a nominal price!

Ron Thomson.  CEO-TGA


In response to this Dear Annie letter is an article by Lord Monckton – a MUST READ if we are to understand why climate-change alarmism has so much traction and how Western Civilization became a victim of this scientific fraud. Thanks to Terry for alerting me to the article.

This article is among the most mind-boggling essays I’ve read in recent years. I was aware of most of this but did not realize it was this far along. 

America’s goose is cooked. America thinks they need electric cars to “save the world”; EVs need lithium; China now owns close to 100% of all lithium mines in the world. Thanks to 30-40 years of CCP-funded indoctrination of our children, America has spent trillions of $$ on global warming nonsense.

Remember 2 days before the Glasgow “Climate Nonsense” Summit…?? Yep, Xi and Putin chose NOT to show up (while laughing discreetly). They never planned to attend, in the first place…  As a result, China and Russia share becoming #1 superpowers. America is a distant third. And all because of the communist-propaganda pressure on ‘global warming’ lies.”



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