Dear Madam Minister

To: Minister Barbara Creecy

Department of Environmental Affairs, Forestry & Fisheries.
Dear Madam Minister,
I have watched and listened to matters which emanated from your Panel of Experts operation and came to the conclusion that I am very happy not be working and living in your shoes. I am always concerned about all that comes out of your office because I know that nothing good will happen unless it is undertaken as a consequence of good governance. And good governance at ministerial level occurs when good advice and good support comes out from the minister’s office and is passed on to the minions who are required to carry out your instructions.  This gets complicated when the minister is new to her post and not fully conversant with the subject matter for which she is responsible.  And I see the Panel of Experts as being the means you have employed to fill that gap.  The True Green Alliance congratulates you on a job well done so far – and we pledge our support and assistance in making your job easier as time goes on.
I wish to assure you that my goodwill and congratulatory sentiments are shared by everyone in the wildlife and hunting industries.
With kind regards
Ron Thomson.  CEO-TGA

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