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Our purpose is to save southern Africa’s wildlife for posterity.

To save our wildlife, we have to destroy the credibility of the destructive animal rights forces that masquerade as ‘conservationists’ in the USA and Europe.

Their propaganda tells the gullible public of the First World that their purpose is to raise funds for _conservation programmes_ in Africa – but no money ever gets back to Africa.

As long as they are making money out of their propaganda, they don’t care that their efforts will cause the extinction of Africa’s wildlife. In the face of a massive human population explosion, Africa’s only chance to save its wildlife is to integrate their needs with those of the rural people. That means that they must create symbiotic relationships with their wildlife if it is to survive.

That is becoming progressively more difficult because the animal rightists continue to deny Africa the right to manage its own wildlife resources.

The wildlife management of Africa is being stifled by the First World’s animal rights public.

The battles being waged against the sustainable use of our wildlife can be won but only if civil society refuses to embrace the animal rightist’s propaganda.
YOUR DONATION will enable us to expose this false indoctrination.

Solidarity will win the day for wildlife in Africa.

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