Donkey Skin Trade – Bokone Bophirima Province

Communication Services Directorate – Ms Betty Moleko

Please be advised that the TRUE GREEN ALLIANCE (TGA) has no objections to this new project.  If the Chinese want and are prepared to pay for donkey hides then let us start up a BIG business of breeding donkeys for this market.

It is no different to our farmers breeding cattle, sheep and goats for the South African domestic meat market.  When this country is already suffering from great poverty and unemployment (up to 35%, I am told)  it is foolhardy for anyone to try to suppress a donkey skin market that will provide employment, cash to alleviate poverty, and foreign currency for the nation’s economy.

There is no cruelty involved and the business of breeding donkeys for the sale of their skins is sustainable if it is done properly.

The TGA also strongly supports the international marketing of rhino horn and elephant ivory – for exactly the same kind of reasons. We also support the import of maize (when we can’t produce enough ourselves) specifically to satisfy South Africa’s “cultural desires” to eat mieliepap.

I am sure that you can get rid of all the donkey meat – very easily – to the people who breed lions in your province.

With kind regards



(See link to article written by Laura Bergh below this question to her)


Laura Bergh, I ask you the following:-

Please tell me why YOU want to have this potentially lucrative business stopped?

Please have a look at at our Media Information Report.  It will tell you all you need to know about the TGA.  If you require any further information please contact me in person.  I would be very happy to enter into a dialogue with you over this matter (the donkeys) ; and/or to make you familiar with the TGA’s aims and objectives.





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