Elephant ‘Conservation’ – The Facts & The Fiction

This book simply had to be written! Its subject has been the author’s all consuming passion for as long as he can remember – thus he has a deep and pragmatic understanding of the problems and/or issues concerning the management of Africa’s elephants and its national parks.

ELEPHANT ‘CONSERVATION covers a multitude of topics. Not only does it discuss the principles and practices of elephant management, per se, in great detail and in layman’s language – it also traces the development of the international organisations (IUCN, WWF and CITES) that moulded his perceptions of the rights and wrongs that currently exist in the field of wildlife management; and it outlines these organisations’ track records up until the present time. He identifies the progressive corruption of the principles of these three once august bodies – that evolved in tandem with their ever closer association with the animal rights brigade. He proclaims that CITES is now a weapon in the hands of the animal rightists and that it should be disbanded because it represents a totally negative factor in modern day wildlife management practices. And he predicts the development of anarchy in the ranks of the IUCN – which will lead to its ultimate demise.

This chronicle, inter alia, describes the big elephant poaching pandemics that have occurred in Africa and that resulted in: unprecedented elephant population reductions in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe; and the killing of thousands of black rhinos in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe – from 1970 to the present time. The people who orchestrated these killings are named and shamed; and they are not members of the Chinese and Vietnamese poaching mafia! Nor are they the poor village hunters who were often employed to pull the triggers.

The pernicious and continued involvement of the animal rights brigade in Africa is also catalogued in detail.

This book is a ‘must read’ for concerned nature-loving people throughout the world – whose eyes will be opened because it reveals astounding truths, an extensive corroboration of which can be found on the internet.

Price: R300.00 (excluding postage and packaging)


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