Elephant Management is not Difficult to Understand if you Base your Comprehension of the Subject on FACT

The elephants of South Africa; Namibia; Botswana and Zimbabwe (particularly) are grossly in excess of their national park habitat elephant carrying capacities.  In all these countries the elephant population numbers are ALL “more than 10 TIMES” bigger than their habitats can sustainably support; and that state of affairs has been developing for the last 50/60 years.

The consequence is that the elephants have now totally demolished the woodland habitats in their game reserve sanctuaries – by upwards of 90 percent.  In the case of  Kruger National Park in South Africa the national park’s ‘top-canopy trees’ (in its once extensive woodland habitats – not long ago widespread across the entire 8000 square miles (20 000 sq kms) of the game reserve’s extent) – have been reduced in number by “more than” 95 percent (since 1960).



  1. Humans have no right in ‘wildlife management’. I think it can take care of itself

    So I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re all cunts

    • Ohoty Ohotytoo

      Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you’re abusing the privilege.

      • kieran patrick osullivan

        Humans are put here to manage the Earth ,ask an elephant ”can you manage your population” ? you need to look at your ”thinking ”ability

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