Elephants are not Facing Extinction

Throughout the two/three year run-up to CoP17 (CITES 2016), the animal rightists went to great lengths to convince the general public in the First World that the elephant was an endangered species; and that it was facing extinction.

Both these assertions are untrue.

Joseph Goebbels – the Nazi propaganda minister for the German Third Reich during World War II – claimed that if you tell a lie a thousand times it becomes the truth (in the public mind). This is exactly what happened within First World society in 2014, 2015 & 2016. The AR NGOs – by constant repetition of the lie – convinced the general public in the Western World that the elephant was facing extinction!



Ron Thomson

RON THOMSON His passion, today, is concerned with creating a better informed society – better informed, that is, about “best practice” wildlife management and the wise and sustainable utilization of our wild living resources for the benefit of mankind. He has a strong and passionate commitment to exposing the menace and iniquities of the animal rights doctrine. He is a founding member of the True Green Alliance (TGA) and, for the duration of 2016, he was its President. In January 2017 he was appointed CEO. The TGA is affiliated to South Africa’s wildlife Industry insofar as it has undertaken to fight the industry’s battles to overcome pernicious opposition from the South African and international animal rights movement.

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