Exploitation of the Gullible Public and Animals have no Boundaries


Once again a controversial subject.

Comment by Trevor Oertel on the SPCA Media Statement:


The exploitation of the gullible public and animals have no boundaries.
Those against live exports knowledge base comes from the misinformation and lies fed to them by not only exploiters of animals (sheep in this case) but also a caring public.

As we so often hear from the animal rights movement “it’s all about the money” one would assume:

It is in the financial interest of Al Mawashi to ensure they have as few mortalities and injuries as possible and also practice the highest welfare standards to ensure good grades of meat as:

1. each and every dead or injured sheep cuts into their profit
2. each and every underweight sheep cuts into their profits
3. each and every bruised sheep cuts into their profit as the meat in server cases is condemned or fetches low grades which equal lower price.

For donation hungry animal rights groups to raise as much money as possible, it is in their interest to paint as bleak a picture as possible which includes:

a. horror stories including photographs of supposed conditions
b. exaggerated mortality and injury rates
c. exaggerated travel time of weeks rather than days

What veterinarians that monitor these ships have found is mortality and injury rates that are no higher than in any land-based farming, the sheep/cattle gain weight and their welfare needs are taken care of.

We have laws in place to stop animal cruelty and to ensure animal welfare.

I wonder how many supporters would support this campaign if they knew the sheep put on weight while housed on this floating feed lot. As with farming it is in the financial interests of the shippers to ensure good animal welfare practices are implemented to get the best return on their investment. Mortality, injuries and poor grades of meat eat into their profits. The mortality and injuries are no greater than normal mortality and injuries on a farm if not less.

The public that oppose this are influenced by the emotive lie told to them by the animal rights movement which is based on their subjective view of cruelty and blatant lies to maximize their donations.

Herewith the NSPCA Media Statement:

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) is both disappointed and horrified to confirm that the outcome in the High Court to interdict the impending live export by sea to the Middle East, was not in favour of the 56 000 sheep. The case, however, is far from over.

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