Global Warming – The Controversy Unpacked

Ron Thomson’s reply to a letter written by Dan expressing concerns about global warming.

Let’s put the argument on global warming into a different perspective. Those of us – who people like you and Dan call “deniers” – who query the current global warming scare, are not saying that global temperatures have not risen.   We are not saying that global warming has not occurred. We accept that temperatures might have risen.  On the other hand, they might not have risen.  Nevertheless,  THAT is NOT the crux of our argument. If they have, indeed, risen, I for one am prepared to accept your say-so on that matter.   I will accept it because that fact is immaterial with regard to how we “see the phenomenon” in its total complexity. What “we deniers” are saying is that the current global warming phenomenon has NOT been caused by man’s modern industries; et cetera”: and/or the burning of fossil fuels; and/or the fact that there are millions of internal combustion engines on the go all day and all night long at this time in our history.

We believe that the entire global warming phenomenon is “natural” insofar as the warming has been caused by the earth’s recent slightly changed positioning with the sun. This is the only solution to that OTHER question: “What caused the SAME global warming phenomenon that embraced the earth between the years 900 AD and 1300 AD? History tells us that this medieval warming period recorded higher temperatures than those being recorded in today’s world – and still the earth survived. Indeed, during that medieval period man, in Europe, prospered like he had never prospered before. It is recorded that vineyards occurred in central England and that cultivated olive trees grew in abundance right up to the England/Scotland border. Yet in medieval Europe man did not know what a “fossil fuel” was; he never burned it; there was no “industry” in existence then; and the internal combustion engine had not then been invented. We believe that when the time is right, nature will return our temperature to where it is meant to be.  We believe that the ‘fact’ of today’s minuscule global temperature rise (if it is indeed happening) is a manifestation of the fact that nature is making that final adjustment right now. So the current rise in ambient temperatures on earth should be embraced and not suppressed.

We also believe that man has no better solution.

We must also remember that in the 14th Century there was a “Mini-Ice Age” when, for a hundred years or more, the Thames River in England froze over every winter; and there were annual “Ice Festivals” orchestrated on the ice. During that period the canals in Holland also  froze over.  And those scientists who recorded this event – and who meticulously  examined it – say that the mini-ice-age actually continued for several centuries’ gradually getting warmer every year. They also state their belief that we are still inside the tail-end of its temperature recovery period.  It is  little wonder, therefore, they say, that  – at the end of the 20th Century – AND NOW – the earth is still experiencing a gradual return to warmer temperatures (Hence “global Warming”)..

I am not, therefore, going to even try to discuss the records that Dan quotes in his report: because I have read other reports  that say those figures are wrong. One man’s food is another man’s poison!  However, if Dan wishes to believe that the current global warming scare is “man-made” he has the right to do so.   He has the prerogative to believe whatever he wants to believe. Just because his beliefs are contrary to my beliefs on this matter (and to the beliefs of a large host of other people), however, does not give him the right to ridicule those of us who don’t agree with his every utterance.

I say to everybody: Keep an open mind and make your own interpretations of ‘the facts’ as they are presented.  You are not a puppet to be pushed around by a bunch of thugs wishing to create a “New World Order” – because THAT is likely to be a major  reason for the imposition of the FEAR tactics that have been used in this propaganda exercise. Be your own person. And don’t be afraid to express your own thoughts.



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