How Stupid, Short Sighted & Crazy is this Burning of Ivory & Rhino Horn???

In a statement released in Prague, Czech Republic, this week, Leakey lashed out at the buyers, suppliers and purveyors of South Africa’s now legal domestic horn trade, ahead of Tuesday’s second rhino horn burn-and-destroy ceremony at the Dvur Králové Zoo.

Our short response to the Zoo’s horn burning ceremony keeps traders in Czech.

It is like throwing all the red meat we have in our supermarkets and butcheries into the sea…
BECAUSE “some people” in the First World say we must become vegetarians;
It is like pouring milk down the drain…
BECAUSE “some people” in the First World believe that milking cows is cruel;
It is like burning everything that is made from leather and wool…
Because “some people” in the First World disapprove of man using animal products.
It is like rendering the trade in ALL animal products to zero
Because “some people”….. and so the litany goes on and on.

Then we wonder:
Why there is so much poverty and unemployment in South Africa?
Why people avoid trading with us?
Why South Africa’s human health status is in a constant state of decline?
Why the value of the South African Rand is so low compared to other currencies, and
Why we always seem to be tottering on the brink of anarchy

When are South Africans going to tell those “some people” in the First world to go away? We know better than they do what is best for South Africa!

Where common sense flies out the window and there is no regard given to practical considerations,
it is no wonder that the First World animal rightists continue to play us stupid Africans like fishes on
hooks whilst they laugh all the way to the bank to deposit their “wildlife charity” donations….
BECAUSE that is what it is all about – MONEY!

EISCH… When will we ever learn?

Image: Rhino horn burning ceremony Media 24



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