I Like it When a Plan Comes Together

Open letter.

Hello Andre and Hello to everybody else – Halleluiah

After reading one of my recent dissertations condemning Zimbabwe’s Eduard Rodrigues, and all his despicable animal rightist friends, for telling so many lies about Cecil the Lion and his demise, John Jackson III, of Conservation Force in the USA, wrote a letter in which he drew my attention to certain factual omissions from my reports. He claims that: “What Ron has missed is the fact that Cecil’s “core area” (that is, his “home range”) has been confirmed to have been outside the park for months before he was hunted.” And he goes on to say: “This fact was released by the (Oxford) university long after the blow up and misinformation campaign.”

“Suspiciously,” John continues, “this disclosure included nothing (i.e. no information) about the location of his (Cecil’s) pride during those months of his absence from the national park.”

“Ron’s assumption that Cecil was no longer with (his) pride is supported by the failure of WILD CRU (The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit of Oxford University) to publish where (Cecil’s) pride was (located) when he was shot; and for failing to disclose that they knew Cecil had not been in the park for months before he was shot. They have (now) admitted that  he had been living outside the national park deep inside private lands.

“In short,” John says, “he (Cecil) was not “lured” from the park at all.”  Why? Because Cecil was not ‘in’ the park. He was living outside the park on private land north of the railway line boundary; and he had been doing so for some months before his demise.

John Jackson’s new and critical information, therefore, has vindicated my belief that Cecil had lost his dominant rank inside the national park. He had been evicted from his pride.  And he was permanently living as a mature nomad on Antoinette game ranch at the time of his death.

To John Jackson I extend a very big ‘Thank you’.

And to you, Andre, I have a request: Would you please try to obtain for me Walter Palmer’s email address. I think he would be delighted to receive copies of the reports that I have written in this campaign (which was to keep the public properly informed). And he will be delighted to get this, the final chapter on this unfortunate subject.

And to anybody and to everybody else, anywhere in the world, please try get full disclosure to responsible members of the press (if there are such people still alive in this day and age) of this entire sad story. It is a classical example of animal rights fraud; of criminal racketeering within the animal rights community; and it supports the observation that animal rights-ism truly represents organized crime.  I am available to spread my own poison!

I like it when a plan comes together.

Ron Thomson. CEO – TGA

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 details soon. Stay with us.

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