If the Rhino Horn Auction is Successful then…

If this is successful and keeps the market alive (which has been going for hundreds if not thousands of years) it will be the saviour of the species. 

The best one can say about those misguided people who think banning trade in Wildlife products is the answer to protect species is “… forgive them, for they know not what they do …”

The worst one can say is not printable, excepting there are people who well know that sustainable, legal trade is the answer, but make so much money out of the protectionist “ban everything” animal activist lobbying that they continue regardless.  They’re not misguided.  They are immoral environmental fraudsters and racketeers on a mammoth scale.

Persuade people to stop giving to those “animal activist” causes.  Rather channel those funds to TGA.  Follow TGA on Facebook to learn the truth about sustainable utilization.

John Rance 

TGA Director

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