Is Ron Thomson About to Become the Galileo of Elephant Management

The Catholic Church put Galileo put under house arrest until his death in 1642 for standing by his findings that the earth was round. It was only about 350 years, in 1992 that the Catholic Church acknowledged that Galileo was right and apologized for wrongfully arresting him.

Is Ron Thomson about to become the Galileo of elephant management if it’s proven that the ongoing elephant mass deaths in Botswana are caused by elephant overpopulation that has resulted in lack of adequate food and water for the largest land mammal?

Sadly, the gold-digging animal rights groups will never apologise to Ron Thomson for fear of loss of credibility and fundraising opportunities.

Emmanuel Koro

Emmanuel Koro

Emmanuel Koro is a Johannesburg-based and international award-winning environmental journalist who has and continues to cover environmental issues in Africa.

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