JERM Warfare Interviews Ron Thomson

This is an early notice to inform you that JERM Warfare had an interview with Ron Thomson this week
Do not miss it!

Full podcast will be published soon on JERM Warfare’s website – we will let you know as soon as this link is available..

Ron argues that the Kruger National Park is being destroyed by too many elephants, and that mass culling is required in order to stop the inevitable death of the park. Animal rights acitvists and related lobby groups are playing a big part in the collapse of the park.

Who is JERM Warfare

Jeremy Talfer Nell (born 1979) is a South African cartoonist who writes under the pen name Jerm. In 2020, his public page was removed by Facebook after repeatedly violating the social network’s policies against hate speech

Extract from his website below.

In short,

I have drawn thousands of cartoons;
I have published two books; and
I have won a few awards.

I no longer work in the mainstream (or legacy) arena. This is both by accident (being fired everywhere) and by design (choosing to go my own way).

Which means that I am now independent.

The tools of my trade are ink, paper, a Wacom tablet, and an iPad Pro.


One of Jeremy’s  cartoons dated 2013

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