Major Complaint with DM

Editor. Daily Maverick.

I have a major complaint with the Daily Maverick.

You say that you tell the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth and, to achieve that, you claim to publish articles that are written ONLY by experts in their fields.  In the very breath that you claim to be telling THAT so-called ‘truth’, therefore, you are telling a lie.  Why do I say that?  Because you regularly publish so-called wildlife management articles written by Don Pinnock who is far from being any kind of  ‘expert” in any ‘conservation’ subject.  Indeed, he has neither academic qualifications in wildlife management, nor has he any kind of hands-on-experience  in that field.  Don Pinnock, in fact, is a very avid animal rightist.  So, the Daily Maverick is acting as a vehicle to spread untrue animal rights propaganda into the public domain.  And that fact is not doing our wildlife resources any good at all. And, in that regard, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I challenge you to publish this letter in your next issue of the Daily Maverick, and to ask your readership if there are any other people who agree with me.

I am very happy to record that many of your previous and once regular  aficionados are now  writing for the DAILY FRIEND which does publish “THE TRUTH”.

It is amazing what you can achieve when you DO tell the truth; because people recognise ‘the truth’ and they want to hear more of it. Unfortunately for the Daily Maverick your readers also know when you are publishing disinformation.

Our wildlife needs YOUR help just as much as YOU need the public’s help, to keep your news outlet afloat.  I, for one, therefore, would support the Daily Maverick , and write true articles for the Daily Maverick, if it ever acknowledges its lack of judgment in this regard, and if you made a greater effort to determine what articles you receive are true, and which are false.


Ron Thomson. CEO – The True Green Alliance

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  1. …. you write an interesting response to the journal concerned. I say ‘interesting’ because you’ve given the editor a way to redeem his claims of being truthful and so, presumably, transparent.

    I would though advise that you don’t hold your breath whist waiting for a reply; I have twice written to the editor of The Yorkshire Post, a journal which was previously held in high regard and concerning one of his journalists who repeatedly writes ~ and seemingly with the editor’s support, articles which are disingenuous and to the point that her articles are usually direct quotes from an AR Activist who has served prison sentences because of his illegal activities and his previous physical attacks upon the innocent ……..

    Our MSM today appear to work on the basis that to impress their advertising sponsors ~ those who provide the very finance for their existence, so they increase their readership by scurrilous, disingenuous and often salacious articles which bear no relation to the truth.

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