Man Killed by Lion: AR Facebook Comment Regrettable & Offensive

We would like to share with our readers a rather disturbing comment made by one of the animal rightist on Facebook. The comment was posted after an article appeared about a man, Weldon Kirui, who was mauled by lions in Nairobi National Park. This hate speech is highly offensive and at the same time it is heartbreaking to read that the animal rightist has no sorrow for a man’s misfortune but prefers to rather display hatred towards him by calling him a thing and rejoicing in his death.  

Here is the link to the article in the website and below is the comment by Brigitte Freed on the Public Facebook Group Helping the Desert Lions.

Have you all seen this? I’M SORRY BUT I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THESE PEOPLE … Read the story they were grazing their cattle where they are not legally allowed to be .. I’m only glad the lions chose the right thing to attack so they did get caught .. instead of a cow because other wise they would say the lion ventured out where it shouldn’t have been and the lion would have been killed because of it. It comes down to that old way of thinking .. if you do something you shouldn’t do enough times and don’t get caught you don’t expect to get caught .. they got brazen and didn’t expect anything to be different or anyone to know.

Ron Thomson’s reply to Ms Brigitte Freed

My… my… Ms Brigitte Freed!!! What side of the garbage can did YOU crawl out of this morning?

Does not your intellect – if you have any at all in your system – tell you that mankind and nature HAVE to find a way to live together on this planet in some kind of symbiotic harmony.  If this does not happen, man will win the battle of survival and wildlife will disappear.

Symbiotism infers that for both sides to survive, the one side must meet the other halfway; and that, in turn, means that for the right to survive each side must GIVE something of “survival value” to the other.  In this battle, I empathise with both man and nature.

My leanings, like yours too, however – because I have spent 58 of my adult life in the service of wildlife in Africa – are definitely more in favour of the natural world.  THAT is certainly my inclination because that has been how I was trained to think all my life.  But that does not entitle me to ignore the needs of man.  And I know just how stupid that would be – to ignore the needs of man – because, when push comes to shove, man will get his way simply by eliminating everything in the natural world that competes with his own survival interests.  And THAT, my friend, is “natural” reality.  If you believe otherwise then you need to have somebody carefully examine the fanatical animal rights dogma that is running round and round inside your head.
If you want to know more about, and to properly understand, the realities of the symbiotic and sustainable use of wildlife for the benefit of mankind, and of the principles and practices of science-based wildlife management, just stick with the TGA website and the True Green Alliance Facebook; or buy, from me, an inexpensive little booklet called “Managing Our Wildlife Heritage”.
I hope my response has not emotionally offended you. THAT was NOT my intention.  All I wanted to do was to get straight whatever it is that is crooked inside your head.

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  1. Very good response. The animal rights activists think they know what’s good for Wildlife because of “feelings”.
    Hopefully she actually learned something from your reply but unfortunately I doubt it.

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