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Man-made Global Warming my ass

We’ve GOT TO open our mouths and pass on the realities of the earth’s Global Warming Scare when contradictory evidence presents itself. We owe that to all humanity.

If anyone tries to tell you that today’s minuscule increases in the world’s ambient temperatures (IF they are real) are ‘man-made’ – and that they are due to the burning of fossil fuels and man’s gigantic  modern industries, ask them: “What caused the much bigger temperature increases that occurred during the mediaeval period (950 AD – 1300 AD) of our fairly recent history. During medieval times mankind had never heard of fossil fuels and he was still to invent the internal combustion engine! Yet the increased temperatures that are reported during that era saw vineyards flourishing throughout the midlands of Great Britain and olive trees were being grown in the border country between England and Scotland. Agriculture, in those days, made people rich because the extra CO2and extra warmth, seemingly, made plants grow better.”

Equally puzzling: What caused the Mini-Ice Age of the 14th Century when every year, for over a hundred years, the River Thames in London froze over and the city community enjoyed Ice Festivals on the ice every winter.  During exactly this same period of time the canals in Holland froze over, too, and they were unserviceable anywhere and everywhere in Holland for the duration of those same 100 winter months. Indeed, there are many truthful climatologists (and other honest scientists) who will tell you that the world is still dragging itself out of the tail end of that mini ice-age. In fact, they will also tell you that today’s “measurable” temperature increases are being evaluated against the tail-end temperatures of that same mini-ice age period…. and not against some earth-temperature “NORMAL”  that does not exist.

And here we have a case-in-point (dated 3rd June 2023). Professor J. Ray Bates of the Global Warming Policy Foundation writes: “A new study by a team of climate scientists and published by the European Geoscience Union, reveals that the Antarctic Ice Shelf Area has grown by 5305 square kms (from 2009 – 2019), gaining 661 Gt of ice mass over the past decade.” He says that, little reliance should be placed on model simulations of future sea-ice decline:

He continues: “Climate models failed to predict the growth in Antarctic sea ice, and they missed the recent marked slowdown of sea ice decline in the Arctic. It would be unwarranted (therefore) to think they are going to get things right over the next 30years.”

Professor J Ray Bate’s research has shown that trends in polar sea-ice levels give little cause for alarm.

He says in closing: “Al Gore told us that Arctic sea-ice levels were “falling off a cliff”. It is now clear that he was completely wrong. In fact the trends in sea-ice are an antidote to climate alarm.”

Ron Thomson.  CEO – TGA

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A guy walks into an anti-establishment bar


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