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Africa has the right to use its own wildlife wisely and sustainably for the benefit of its people. To achieve that objective Africa needs the help of everybody on the continent.

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Despite the animal rightist’s best efforts to deprive Africans of their sovereign right to wisely and sustainably manage their own wildlife affairs, you found your voice through collaboration with the True Green Alliance. And together we resisted all the animal rightists’ pernicious endeavours.

And during the continuous onslaught on the scientific management of our wildlife, many of you stood by us and renewed your TGA membership. We thank you for that.

When the chips were down and attacks on the sustainable use of our wildlife was most fierce, when the concept of sustainable-use conservation was under the greatest pressure, you, our audience and our readers, stepped up to the plate and helped with donations. You kept us going. You saw the value of our work. You recognised the efforts that our team expended on social media and on our external broadcasts into the public domain. And you demonstrated that:

* You believed in the power of truth over lies
* You valued honesty over corruption and
* You chose hope over despair.

Despite the many vicious verbal attacks directed at our directorate and at our cause, by phone and by way of a continuous flow of vitriolic emails, no one gave up hope. We had many death threats but nobody buckled. We ignored the diatribe. And we prevailed because we believed it was the right thing to do.

So far, many people have again signed up as members of the True Green Alliance. By doing that they helped to fund our efforts. And remember, this war is being waged every day. Our social media posts and video interviews constantly expose the corruption and the lies that are being told about us and about our cause. Unfortunately, there is still so much more to uncover. The good news is that we have the knowledge and the passion to continue with our resistance for a long time to come. Indeed, for as long as it takes! But it would be easier if more of our readers were to join us and if more became members and paid our membership fees. Every extra penny counts and those pennies make it possible for us to continue fighting the good fight.

Today, we’re asking those of you who have not yet joined us to do so soon and to encourage those of your friends and relatives who have not done so yet, to become a TGA warrior, too.

Our fight is a just cause. If we don’t fight for what is right, if we don’t squash the animal rights movement into the ground, it may yet happen that, in your grandchildren’s lifetime, wildlife in Africa will become extinct. And the only way to save our wild animals is by applying the best of wildlife management practices, which includes the sustainable-use of what remains of our wildlife heritage, for the benefit of Africa’s people.


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