National Geographic – huge flaws

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The True Green Alliance There are huge flaws in the Great Elephant census project. Once again those responsible for this survey considered the management of individual populations unimportant and the numbers quoted were not balanced against the carrying capacities of the habitats. The National Geographic link by Mr Steyn contains too many unsubstantiated assumptions which makes the whole report scientifically suspect.
Can you suggest an alternative study? Or a peer reviewed critique of Chase et al? I think it’s fine to consider individual populations but then maybe your opening sentence should read “what is the real situation with regard to selected populations of the african elephant”
Hello James,There is so much biased and inaccurate elephant management advice flying around cyberspace at the moment, it is no wonder you are confused. This, however, is a very big subject that cannot be addressed with a few strokes of the pen. Nevertheless, all these matters will be addressed on this Facebook page in the days, weeks and months ahead – and on our website “Mahohboh.org“. So the best advice I can offer you is to read that which we publish and make up your own mind with regards to who is right and who is wrong.
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