No Two Countries can Possibly Have the Same Wildlife Sub-culture

One of the biggest problems in the world today is having to deal with people who think that their way of “doing things” is the only way to do them, and THEY think THEY are always right.

Every country in the world has its own national culture – and many sub-cultures – including its own wildlife sub-culture.

Cultures are moulded by a country’s historical experiences and circumstances, and no two countries’  historical circumstances are the same.

Ipso Facto no two countries can possibly have the same wildlife sub-culture.

Hence America’s wildlife sub-culture is “ANTI-MARKET HUNTING” and South Africa’s wildlife sub-culture is ”COMMERCIAL”. They are the  antithesis of each other!!!!

However,  if a country’s wildlife culture works for it and for its own people then that is all that matters.

America’s wildlife culture , therefore, is not RIGHT (nor is it wrong).

And South Africa’s wildlife culture is not RIGHT (nor is it WRONG). The only group of people who have the WRONG culture – and it is VERY WRONG – is the animal rights brigade.

Ron Thomson


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