One of the Realities why Elephant Numbers must be Maintained



I am a vegan and I understand the culling, how can people not understand ecosystem maintenance.. I think the biggest point you need to raise, Ron, is this.. Tell the people WHY elephants are overpopulating, WHY they are destroying the environment.. It is a domino effect caused from Humans!! So it is hypocrisy for HUMANS to be judging this method when they are the species that are causing the initial problem, and in turn, making an unfortunate practice like this necessary.


It’s sooo refreshing and encouraging to find a vegan understanding wildlife management issues.  Elephants are over-populating because “they can”, and they’re damaging the environment where they live because they’re restricted to certain areas reserved for them.  They are subject to “Nature’s” imperatives, one of them being that if they over-populate, their habitat will be destroyed (by them) and they will mostly all starve and die-off thereby reducing the population.  The animal activists argue that is the way it should be left.

However, the problem with that supposed solution (to leave it to Nature to kill them off) is that by the time they’ve destroyed their habitat, they will also have destroyed the habitat for myriads of other forms of biodiversity, from insects to birds to lesser animals in the food chain which are also dependent on that habitat.

It’s important to note that the animal activist arguments are based on emotion and personal preferences, not on logic and reasoning.

The ultimate cause is the ever-burgeoning human population explosion taking up habitat and range territory of wildlife.  This is stimulated inter alia but, in my opinion, mainly by:

  • Lack of education and thereby appropriate knowledge to enable human logic to be applied;
  • Unsustainable practices which enable human populations to expand;
  • The monetary system which places money, not sustainability, in the forefront of human endeavour.

It’s a toss-up whether Nature or human logic will eventually regulate human populations to a sustainable level, but there’s little doubt that one or the other will eventually occur.  There is no doubt, however, that the animal world doesn’t have the power of logic, so animals are at the mercy of Nature and human logic to survive.

That’s where the logic espoused by the likes of TGA comes into play.  If the monetary system is one of the main drivers of human endeavour, then it follows for wildlife to survive, it must become valuable to humans through sustainable utilization, including sustainable hunting and marketing of products.  Otherwise it’s doomed to be replaced by cattle, sheep and goats as has occurred everywhere else in the world, especially in Africa.

John Rance

TGA Director

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