Open Letter to Investec

The Investec article does them no good with true conservationists and knowledgeable people.

This issue and debate has been hijacked by animal rightists who are eco-terrorists.

This is causing wildlife conservation issues to become heavily polarized and dominated by emotion, not science and logic.

History is going to prove the eco-terrorists wrong and Investec doesn’t need to be caught out.

They shouldn’t go where they don’t know.

HRH is an idiot in these matters.

Much of the so-called illegal wildlife trade is only illegal to the extent first-world Eurocentric countries have misguidedly outlawed trade in wild products of the land.

In the process they consign the custodians of the source of those ecologically sustainable products to poverty. At the same time they are silent on truly unsustainable practices like oil and coal production.

This is having negative consequences for wildlife conservation.

To those of us who invest heavily in the conservation of biodiversity and who understand the issues, this is sickening.

Investec should invite TGA’s Ron Thomson to brief them on these issues and to put forward the perspectives of scientific wildlife management and true conservation.

John Rance

TGA Director

Investec article

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