Public Information bulletin No.2 (re the Minister’s HLP report)

Wildlife management is based on science and all decisions in the wildlife field should be based on scientific fact (the truth) alone. Minister Creecy has (virtually) explained that she will react to the most popular results of public opinion polls – which exposes her soft underbelly to the general public. This means she will accept public personal prejudices if there are enough of them voiced, not the truth, to guide her when she makes political decisions. Minister Creecy, therefore, is one of those politicians who believes that wildlife management decisions can be made on the basis of  a public referendum.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  South Africa needs an environmental Minister who knows what she in talking about.

In making her opinions in this regard known, Ms Creecy illustrates her lack of knowledge in the field of wildlife management.  And that is bad.

The TGA cannot believe that this state of affairs pertains. But if it does, the TGA is honour bound to make an effort to teach the Minister about the principles and practices of wildlife management. If she doesn’t know how the wildlife cookie crumbles she cannot be much use at the coal face of this country’s commercial wildlife industry. And THAT is her job.

This is a genuine offer.

Kind regards

Ron Thomson. CEO- TGA.

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