Quo Vadis South Africa?

To those South African citizens and politicians who have been concerned about the  Gupta-State-Take-Over in South Africa, please be advised:


 In practically all Western countries the animal rights brigade is at an advanced stage of taking over government wildlife policy making.

A recent report from Idaho in America has revealed that President Biden has withheld public funds, which were collected by hunters and fishermen in the form of self-imposed taxes (PR taxes), the monies being held in virtual trust by government.  These funds are intended FOR LEGAL USE by the State legislature of Idaho, for the state’s official wildlife management programmes. These funds were withheld by President Biden because the animal rightists objected to the plans made by the state of Idaho, to ‘manage’ (i.e. to reduce in number ) wolf populations, for good and justifiable reasons. The main reason is that GROSSLY EXCESSIVE numbers of wolves in the state have reached such high numbers they represent a positive threat to the wildlife management economy, and to the domestic farming economy, in the state of Idaho.

And the State of Californian has long been lost to the vicissitudes of the animal rights movement.

For decades now, the conglomeration of international animal rightists NGOs that have offices in Nairobi,  Kenya, have held the Kenyan government to ransom.  These NGOs finance the Kenyan Wildlife Service altogether, and they have warned the Kenya government that if it should try to re-introduce hunting, or to introduce the sustainable use of wildlife in any form, they will pull the plug – which would leave the Kenyan Wildlife Service destitute.

A very recent report from India advises that the Humane Society International (HSI) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) – two of the most rabid animal rights organisations in the world – are paying  Indian politicians millions in exchange for them being allowed to write Indian wildlife policy.

And in Great Britain the queen decorates their most rabid animal rightists with royal salutations directly out of Buckingham Palace.

And our Minister Creecy has just opened South Africa’s door to these pernicious people.


Kind regards

Ron Thomson. CEO – TGA

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  1. Carl D. Mitchell

    Sir, Your information about Idaho’s wolf management is not entirely correct. The State did pass a bill to allow the hunting of wolves, yes. It was based on one-sided POLITICAL arguments about wildlife and livestock losses. (Surely losses occur, but as with any predation, they are not universal, or excessive, and there is no more crisis now than there ever was.) Also, many PROFESSIONAL wildlife managers and biologists disagreed with that move. Their statement can be found online. Now, biologically, the new rules will NOT result in very many more wolves being taken or in any serious reduction in wolf numbers. Wolves are simply too hard to hunt in most habitat they inhabit, which is why their population has grown so. Rather it was a simple political statement, a finger in the eye of animal rightists if you will, that WILL result in lawsuits that will complicate if not prohibit rational population management of predators and prey populations by PROFESSIONAL managers.

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