Report on the Giraffe from CITES – You wouldn’t accredit a paedophile to attend a conference on eliminating child abuse..!

A few days into CITES and SADEC countries are frustrated. Giraffe has just been listed on Appendix II, even though SADEC countries have overwhelming science indicating healthy and increasing populations. CAR, Chad, Kenya, Mali, Niger and Senegal has submitted this proposal, and, with no success in the conservation for giraffe, this proposal which was just accepted, flies in the face of all the conservation success the SADEC countries have attained. Even more shocking is that a request to exclude the SADEC countries from this listing was voted against with more than a two-thirds majority.

COMMENT: John Rance President True Green Alliance

Animal rights organizations pay delegates to vote how they want them to vote.

Giraffe is chosen tactically, not because it’s necessarily endangered, but because it’s a gentle, lovable giant which features prominently in most anthropomorphic images.

Animal rightism is the most serious form of eco-terrorism the world faces and poses the greatest threat to wildlife consevation ever in history.

CITES is supposed to promote sustainable use and trade in wildlife products. The United Nations World Conservation Strategy supports sustainable use. Our own constitution mandates sustainable use.

So why are people who believe in the abolishment of all animal killing allowed to participate in debates involving the sustainble use of wildlife..!?

You wouldn’t accredit a paedophile to attend a conference on eliminating child abuse..!


  1. Nigel Goodman

    Giraffe ” healthy populations” – usual hunting bull shit:
    TWO giraffe subspecies have been listed as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species for the first time.

    Giraffe numbers plummeted by a staggering 40% in the last three decades, and less than 100,000 remain today. Habitat loss through expanding agriculture, human-wildlife conflict, civil unrest, and poaching for their meat, pelts, and tails,[ industrial bush meat ] hunting are among the reasons for the decline.

    THREE of the currently recognised nine subspecies were listed as Critically Endangered or Endangered on the latest IUCN Red List. Those subspecies in East, Central, and West Africa are faring particularly poorly: the Kordofan and Nubian giraffes, with respectively 2,000 and 2,645 individuals remaining, are now just one stage from Extinct in the Wild.

    The Reticulated, Thornicroft’s and West African giraffes are also listed as Endangered or Vulnerable. Many people, including conservationists,[ and OF COURSE HUNTERS ] remain unaware that the world’s tallest animal is experiencing a silent slide towards extinction.

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