Response:- Withdrawal of Tours to Africa by a Travel Agency


”Due to the heartbreaking news that Botswana will be lifting their ban on elephant hunting, it is with sadness that I announce that Luxtripper will no longer be selling trips to this corner of the world. It is devastating that such an ugly thing is happening in this beautiful, unique destination, and we hope that this cruel act will be reversed soon…so more of us can discover Botswana’s magic.”

– CEO – Nena Chaletzos


Response by Trevor Oertel to Luxtripper

While you reconsider your position on Botswana please read this comment I wrote.

Botswana’s position is not only the position of many of her citizens but also qualified wildlife scientists. As per my comment below

“no animal species regardless of how good the intention is SHOULD BE MANAGED ON SOCIAL MEDIA.”

Do your gambling in a casino NOT on the plains of Africa. Extinction IS forever.

Would Western animal rights organisations and social media warriors please allow Africa to manage her wildlife under the guidance of trained wildlife managers and scientists.

We appreciate your love and concern for OUR majestic animals. Contrary to what your animal rights movement has tried to hoodwink you with Africans love and are very proud of our biodiversity.

Wildlife management in Africa IS NOT much different from wildlife management in any other part of the world. That management among others might include, limited harvesting (hunting) or mass culling depending on what the trained qualified wildlife managers think is the best form of management depending on numerous factors which are constantly changing.

A species in one area of Africa, as with species anywhere else in the world CANNOT be managed the same way as one would manage the same species thousands of kilometres away. To try and illustrate this let us stick with the charismatic African Elephant which is the hot topic on social media – please remember THIS same brief insight into Elephant management will apply to any species on the planet.

Firstly no animal species regardless of how good the intention is SHOULD BE MANAGED ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

With the advent of social media, one of the biggest threats to animals are PEOPLE THAT CARE.

Allow trained qualified wildlife scientist to manage their biodiversity. Think about it from the perspective of your own chosen profession! What chaos would rain if plumbers were instructing attorneys on how to interpret the law and vice versa.

Animal Rights Activists regardless of how good their intentions might be are NOT wildlife scientist. Currently they and the media are portraying animal rights organisations as Conservationist – briefly, a scientist who works in the field of conservation biology.

Just because a person has an interest in outer space does not mean they are an astronaut!

Secondly, any Ecologists worth his or her salt will agree fauna and flora should NOT be managed as a species but rather as a population!

Depending on the current status of the population there are different management strategies.

In parts of Africa (ironically mostly areas where hunting is illegal so poaching has become rampant) elephants populations are endangered or UNSAFE. This population of elephants should be managed using a preservation management style (what animal rights currently advocate for all populations of elephants) until the population is SAFE.

In parts of Africa, the “endangered” African Elephant is NOT, let me repeat that NOT, endangered.

In parts of Africa, Elephants populations are SAFE and should be managed to keep them within the carrying capacity/stocking rate of the habitat. This management might include hunting and limited culling BECAUSE Elephant numbers double every 10 years give or take.

In parts of Southern Africa, Elephants populations are EXCESSIVE and need to be brought down to a SAFE population.

This Elephant population has far exceeded the carrying capacity of a very dry arid landscape. This elephant population is systematically destroying the habitat which not only sustains them but also other species of fauna and flora including 1000 of years old Baobab trees. A trained wildlife scientist (and farmer/rancher) would appreciate the effects this has on the soil which should be the first conservation priority, then the vegetation and finally the animals.

The effect the animal rights narrative is having on Africa and her magnificent wildlife is that African governments are trying to pander and appease western sentiment and trying to manage their wildlife within the framework as dictated by western NGO’s and animal rights groups. This IS to the deterrent of Africa’s wildlife and people.

Botswana has unleashed the wrath of the western world by trying to mitigate against human-wildlife conflict, a very real threat to Africa’s people, by allowing the hunting of 400 Elephant per year. Botswana (and other Southern African countries) needs more than trophy hunting of elephants to solve their elephant problem.

If a massive cull is not instituted soon (some believe it might already be too late) Southern Africa is heading towards an ecological disaster.

We love our elephants just as much if not more so than anyone else and want to see them survive and flourish in the future hence why we need such drastic measures.

Due to animal rights interference (which has in the past and now again included threats of tourists boycotts) and bans on the legal ivory trade Southern African countries stopped managing their SAFE Elephant population and are heading towards that ecological disaster.

Stop gambling with OUR wildlife. Currently, the only two creatures benefiting from bans on legal trade in ivory, rhino horn and potentially trophies are poachers and the animal rights groups that solicit Millions of dollars to ‘save” Africa’s wildlife into extinction while lining their own pockets.

Trevor Oertel Guest Contributor


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