SAPA Open letter to the Director General CIC & the President Dallas Safari Club

Mr Tamás Marghescu – Director General CIC

Mr Mark Little – President Dallas Safari Club

Re : Your document – Joint statement on captive bred lion shooting

The South African Predator Association has been involved in the nature-based industry for many years now, and we are aware of the dynamics within your organisations. We assume your signature of the joint statement is based on thorough research, deliberated amongst your members, and fully endorsed by each one.  

Our biggest concern is the actual level of knowledge within your membership, on the reality and the model of how game farming and hunting is done in South Africa. SAPA sincerely hopes you did not fall victim to the massive disinformation campaign, launched and funded by anti-hunting organisations.  Could this statement be an indication of your opinion on the future of hunting, as a consumptive tourism activity of all other species in South Africa? Is this the beginning of an unintended process undermining all the products and conservation activities related to hunting in South Africa? SAPA interprets this joint statement as an act supporting the activists against hunting. We feel that it does not support a better future for hunters in South Africa.

You may be aware of the current ongoing process to change practices regarding the breeding and hunting of lions. Did you take that into account when you decided to pitch this statement into world media? A better strategy would have been to engage with SAPA on the content of your statement before canvassing for support elsewhere.  SAPA also questions the motivation behind this initiative.

To discuss and deliberate is a much better route to take! We should be on the same side, as colleagues in developing hunting into a strong pillar supporting sustainable land use and economic growth in South Africa.  Hunting and game farming as part of sustainable agriculture, can generate much needed funding for hundreds of families in South Africa. Your statement minimises the viability of this industry, with direct negative impact on the livelihood of the poor.  

SAPA hereby offers you a hand of friendship and is most willing to interact with you on any issues you would like to clarify. You are most welcome to visit breeders and hunting destinations in South Africa to ensure a better understanding of the industry, as well as the challenges experienced and the opportunities it has for all.

André Mentz
President South African Predator Association 17/11/2020

Open letter to DSC & CIC

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  1. Andrikos.Alexandrou

    This would be a very good strategy if we ALL understood the sustainable use of our wildlife here in South Africa, we the hunters and conservationists are the driving force behind conservation, we spend millions of SARands to wards hunting , the people who are against hunting do not spend 1 cent for conservation they only want donations for their own benefit , and they totally disregard the hard facts to the detriment of the local people. So its a proven fact that hunting is the best management tool for the future of all species and conservation in South Africa.

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