Solomon Joubert – one of SANPark’s last great scientists

SOLOMON JOUBERT, who died unexpectedly last Wednesday, was one of SANPark’s last great scientists.

He held on to wildlife management beliefs, and upheld wildlife management principles, that are rapidly being discarded by many modern-day so-called “scientists” who would be better off calling themselves “animal rightists”.

In recent years Sollie and I shared many common concerns about what is happening in Kruger National Park today with regard to the lack of proper elephant management. And I am proud to say, with such a common goal and bond, we called ourselves “friends”.

Where ever it is that you are going, Sollie, GO  WELL!

I, and many others, will miss your contribution to our mutual “elephant cause”.

Ron Thomson.  CEO – TGA


See interesting article by Dr Solomon Joubert.

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