Solomon Joubert – one of SANPark’s last great scientists

SOLOMON JOUBERT, who died unexpectedly last Wednesday, was one of SANPark’s last great scientists.

He held on to wildlife management beliefs, and upheld wildlife management principles, that are rapidly being discarded by many modern-day so-called “scientists” who would be better off calling themselves “animal rightists”.

In recent years Sollie and I shared many common concerns about what is happening in Kruger National Park today with regard to the lack of proper elephant management. And I am proud to say, with such a common goal and bond, we called ourselves “friends”.

Where ever it is that you are going, Sollie, GO  WELL!

I, and many others, will miss your contribution to our mutual “elephant cause”.

Ron Thomson.  CEO – TGA


See interesting article by Dr Solomon Joubert.

Some Comments On The Management Of Elephants And Related Management Issues In The Kruger National Park

Ron Thomson

I am NOT a ‘trophy hunter’ - and never have been. I am not involved in the trophy hunting safari business. I am also not a game rancher. But I have ‘administratively controlled’ professional hunters and safari outfitters in my capacity as a government game warden. I am an 80 year old ex-game warden with 60 years of continuous experience in hands-on wildlife management, and national park management, in Africa (1959 to 2019). In breakdown, I have 24 years experience in the management of national parks in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe - and in the management of the wild animal populations that lived inside those national parks; one year as the Chief Nature Conservation of the Ciskei in South Africa; three years as Director of the Bophuthatswana National Parks Board in South Africa; and I worked for three years as a professional hunter in the South African Great Karoo (taking foreign hunters on quests for plains game trophies). I discovered, however, that professional hunting was not my forte. I worked as an investigative wildlife journalist for 30 years in South Africa. I have written fifteen books and hundreds of magazine articles on the subject of wildlife management and big game hunting in Africa. Five of my books are university-level text books on wildlife management. I am a university-trained ecologist; was a member of the Institute of Biology (London) for 20 years; and was a registered chartered biologist for the European Union for 20 years. I have VAST experience in the “management hunting” of elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards and hippos (as part of my official national park work in the control of problem animals); and I pioneered the capture of black rhino in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley (1964 - 1970). My university thesis was entitled: “The Factors Affecting the Survival and Distribution of Black Rhinos in Rhodesia”. Look at my personal website if you want any further details about my experience:

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