TGA Newsletter February 2017

Dear very patient TGA supporters,


                                                           is getting ready to fly.

Exactly one year ago, the TGA constitution was signed by our founding members and a Board of Directors was created. We applied for registration as a Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development; eventually succeeded; and managed to open a bank account by the end of the year.  It was a long and drawn out process during which we all discovered that the wheels of government turn very slowly.   Today we have our first donation monies in the bank and our first members have been registered.  Thank you all for being so patient.

The TGA’s first AGM was held on the 13th January 2017 when the size of our board increased from three to five directors; and new office bearers were appointed. The board now consists of John Rance (Director & President); Ian Withers (Director & Chairman); Ron Thomson (Director & CEO); Elma Britz (Director) and Tommy Fraser (Director). Their respective CVs will be available for scrutiny on our new website very soon.

The TGA was active during 2016.  Most organisations comprising South Africa’s wildlife industry have pledged their support for the TGA.  They included: WRSA; CHASA; SAHGCA; NSA; PHASA; and PROA.  In August 2016, Ron Thomson – by special invitation from Zimbabwe’s Minister of the Environment – addressed their conference in Harare: “The Road to CITES”. He agreed to function as an advisor to the Zimbabwe delegation at CITES.  The TGA participated in CITES, in September/October 2016, as a fully accredited South African NGO – where the TGA’s presence was felt.  Elma Britz and Ron Thomson attended, as invited guests, an HAWASA meeting in October 2016; and Ron Thomson was a guest speaker at the PHASA AGM in November 2016.  In December 2016, in Zimbabwe, we addressed the Professional Hunters AGM; the Outfitters Association AGM: and the Wildlife Society AGM.  Elma Britz, Ian Withers and Ron Thomson attended a CHASA meeting in Mossel Bay, as invited guests, in 2017. And further contacts have been made with the SCI, DSC, the Wild Sheep Foundation and the NRA in America, and with sustainable wildlife use organisations in Canada.  Ron Thomson was invited (by Eugene Lapointe – a former Secretary General of CITES) to attend, as part of the IWMC delegation, a meeting in Canada with the CITES Standing Committee.  This meeting took place on 3rd February 2017.  Ron did not attend but Mr. Lapointe, representing the TGA, presented the committee chair with Ron’s written report.

Ron Thomson is to be part of a panel of four international guest speakers – discussing various controversial aspects of “hunting” – during a conference hosted by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) in April 2017, in Switzerland.

The TGA has had a new logo professionally designed; has opened its website ( (although it is still a work in progress); and has a functioning Facebook PAGE . The latter recorded 17 000 hits in the first thirty-six hours of its existence.  The development of the logo, website and Facebook were all fully sponsored by new members who recognise the TGA’s potential and understand the importance of its functioning existence.

The TGA has now reached the stage where we can and must solicit memberships; request donations from all those organisations and individuals that have previously pledged their support; and seek financial support from wherever else we can find it.  The TGA cannot operate without members or money; and it has a huge programme ahead of it.  You are, therefore, hereby formally invited to join us.

Please find attached hereto, our membership application proforma.  The whole TGA Board of Directors looks forward to welcoming you aboard.

With kind regards,

Ron Thomson

22 February 2017


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