TGA on the Subject of Global Warming

I do not deny that climate change has occurred in recent years, as I also believe the climate is changing constantly and always has.  My concerns about the current phenomenon, however, is the fact that many people, including many eminent scientists, believe the current warming phase is caused by man.  And they quote rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, consequent upon the use of fossil fuels in industry, to be the cause. Yet this bald statement does not convince me.

During the medieval period in Europe (between 900 AD and 1300 AD) there was a prolonged period of time (covering several centuries) when global temperatures increased to higher levels than those being recorded on earth today.  Yet, in those days, fossil fuels had yet to be discovered and the internal combustion engine still had to be invented. It cannot be, therefore, that the climate change that occurred in medieval Europe in those faraway days was the result of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide caused by man.

And what caused the mini-ice-age of the 14th Century when the River Thames and the canals of Europe froze over every winter for a hundred years? I am convinced those two phenomena are juxtaposed and linked.

If those scientists and politicians who are trying to convince me that the current state of global warming has been caused by man, really want to convert me (and others like me) to their way of thinking, then they are going to have to give me rational explanations regarding what caused the extra-warm climate in Europe during medieval times, and what caused the mini-ice age.

I am convincible! But I will only convert when I have been offered a rational truth that I can believe. And I note that there are many experienced scientists who think the way that I do.

For those of you who are ‘staunch believers’ in what I still consider (at this time) to be a global warming myth, here is your chance to convert me and to convert the TGA’s non-believer-readers  who will read this challenge.

I will ONLY consider ‘the truth’ about all these matters; as the TGA does in all others.

Ron Thomson  CEO-TGA


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