TGA Responds to “Shock Wildlife Truths”

The TRUE GREEN ALLIANCE responds to the article “Shock Wildlife Truths” by Louzel Lombard Steyn published by Traveller 24, on 26 January 2017. 

The True Green Alliance (TGA) strongly supports Edna Molewa, the Minister of the Environment’s decision to allow the export of 800 skeletons obtained from captive bred lions.  These bones were obtained legally; they are a by-product of a perfectly legal farming enterprise; and their export will have no impact on the wild lion population whatsoever.  Her decision to allow this export complies with South Africa’s National Conservation Strategy; and it is within the parameters laid down by the IUCN’s World Conservation Strategy (1980) – upon which South Africa’s National Conservation Strategy was constructed.  And the minister has complied with all the CITES requirements.   So what more does she have to do to exercise her duty and implement the wildlife laws of this country?  She is being opposed, essentially, by animal rightist NGOs in faraway lands who have no jurisdiction here!  This is a controversial subject – even within the industry – and she is handling it very well.  South African society, therefore, should support the minister in what is going down here.

Ron Thomson, CEO of the TGA, said he realises that many people are unhappy about the farming of lions in South Africa. “I am aware of that.  But that is another issue entirely.   As long as the farming of lions is legal, there is no reason whatsoever – other than to pander to the animal rightists’ demands – to stop the export of these lion skeletons.  This is not an isolated incident.  It is but one domino – and if this domino falls, remember, there are many other animal rights targets that will be struck down, by similar contrivances – one by one – in the months and years ahead.  I urge everybody, therefore, to stand their ground, and together, over this issue!  It is a legal wildlife products export issue!  There is no knowing who, or what, will be next.

Animal rights organisations – like the Humane Society International that was cited in this article – also want to stop the hunting of ALL animals.  Most of them disapprove of South Africa’s wildlife industry altogether.  They believe that making money out of animals (wild and domestic) is immoral – yet they make their money – hundreds of millions US dollars annually – from “selling” emotional wildlife controversies (like this one) which they very carefully contrive and release to the general public.  And, regrettably, they have an army of foot soldiers in the media that fly their flags high.

The states of southern Africa are currently facing an unprecedented and heavy onslaught from the international animal rights brigade which is demanding that all commercial wildlife management programmes be shut down.  They insist that nobody can save Africa’s wildlife as long as our wild animals have a price-tag around their necks.

Although their demands vary a great deal, most animal rights advocates want all game fences pulled down and the wild animals on our game ranches set free.  They want all hunting, culling and cropping stopped.  And, if you take the trouble to delve into their doctrine, you will quickly come to understand that they want the same kind of thing to happen to our domestic animal husbandry programmes in agriculture.  Indeed, to succeed, they will have to violate the legitimate rights of every human being on planet earth.  But they are winning – because we are forever giving in to their irrational demands!

The animal rightists’ propaganda machinery in the First World is vast.  And before we go a step further on this rocky road, let me state that propaganda has nothing to do with telling the truth.

 Propaganda , by definition, is: “The spreading of ideas, information or rumour for the purpose of promoting an ideal – or injuring an institution, cause or person – by any means, true or false”.

So, why would an animal rights organisation want to spread propaganda about lion bones being exported from South Africa?  To make money, of course – and lots of it – from the uninformed and gullible public of the First World who know nothing about Africa or its wildlife.  They will believe any and every bit of propaganda that is thrown at them.

So even those South Africans who disapprove of the captive-breeding of lions – and who approve ONLY   what they consider to be “ethical hunting” – should think twice before siding with the likes of the Humane Society International (and every other animal rightist NGO) on ANY issue.  And we must not condemn our minister for even considering this export deal.  It is all above board!  And NO animal rights organisation is the friend of Africa or its wildlife. Don’t let them hoodwink you.  The minister is truly our best friend when she sticks to her guns and to her principles like she is doing right now.   We must tell her that all responsible, intelligent and ‘good’ South Africans are standing right behind her.

Ron Thomson

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