The End Justifies the Means

The End Justifies the Means – wrong or unfair methods may be used if the overall goal is good.

By Trevor Oertel

Far to often the Animal Rights Movement is caught out used some seriously questionable and unbelievably cruel methods to support their false subjective claims of cruelty.

Their get out of jail for free card is hiding behind the phrase “the end justifies the means”. In my limited experience I have seen first hand evidence of this in:

1. their justification for banning the use of animals in circuses where in documented courts evidence Animal Defenders International (ADI), who assisted our very own National Council of SPCA’s (NSPCA) with their ban circuses campaign) broke into a circus facilities over wintering barn and installed hidden cameras. As they couldn’t get footage of the Elephant being abused they put a “plant” into the circus who dressed as the owner to do the required beating with a pitch fork.

2. one of the most popular myths in the animal rights world is the need bythe fur trade to “skin animals alive”. On asking for clarity I was told the fur industry has to skin animals alive otherwise they get “hair slip” and all the fur falls out. Being a former professional hunter I’m familiar with hair slip and don’t have time to explain what hair slip is but wonder how trappers furs or trophy hunters trophies don’t seem to lose their fur. I decided to educate myself and turned to the College of Further Knowledge, Google, to find evidence of prosecution against individuals within the fur trade industry that have been prosecuted for this unimaginable cruel crime. Or video evidence of this demonic practice. All I found where some fruit cake animal rights activists that had the same idea as me. After not being able to find any video evidence they felt it was their moral and ethical duty to set this right and staged their very own production of animals being skinned alive. Their defense during their court case was? Yes you guest it “the end justifies the means”.

3. a few months ago there was some horrific footage doing the rounds on social media of dogs being cooked alive and also hung up and killed using a blowtorch. The video footage was supposed undercover footage of the dog meat trade in the Far East. The Los Angeles Times exposed the origin of the footage when they went to do their own undercover expose. A very well known respected (wealthy) animal rights champion, who pulled himself out of the gutter after serving time as a convicted criminal to save and rescue dogs in Hollywood paid the butchers handsomely to burn the dogs alive while he took the “undercover” footage. What he didn’t foresee was someone taking footage of him as scriptwriter, director and cameraman.

I’m looking forward to reading of the animal rights idiot that is kicked to death after decided to skin a donkey alive to justify the NSPCA “illegal” donkey skin ejiao trade.

Does the end justify the means or is it just evidence of the debauched animal rights industry that is full of sick people that believe at any cost the world will believe their subjective view of cruelty and fill their donation hungry coffers?

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