The Giraffe Will Only Survive if Their Products Have Value to Africans

If the giraffe species is unable to be harvested sustainably and its products sold to produce income, there will be no reason for game farmers to keep them.

Their natural range in the wild is shrinking rapidly due to the human population explosion in Africa, NOT HUNTING.

Soon (if not already) the only territory which will be available to them are protected areas. In those areas, their numbers will expand beyond the habitat carrying capacities. In that case, they will need to be culled and their products sold or sold live to private landowners. Game farmers will only keep them if they can harvest them to produce income.

Either way, they will only survive if their products have value to Africans.

To have this logical survival imperative interfered with by the anthropomorphic emotive animal activists, who do not understand the natural world, is unacceptable.

John Rance

TGA Director

2 thoughts on “The Giraffe Will Only Survive if Their Products Have Value to Africans

  • March 29, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    So genius hunters -“ any animal can be conserved by killing it “

    So explain how by hunting them alongside rampant bush meat you will be sustainable – are you going to police the species and stop the bush meat industry ? If so How ? Don’t give me bull shit that money from hunting will stop bush meat — it’s too lucrative as giraffe is highly prized. The result will be bush meat continues and even more pressure on the species.

    • March 31, 2019 at 6:47 pm

      Of course animals can be conserved by killing them. It’s only because man kills millions of cattle, sheep and goats that their survival us ensured.

      The so-called First World has either destroyed or domesticated its wild products of the land. Africa still has their wild products in reasonable abundance. As soon as they have the same value to Africans as cattle, they will be conserved just like cattle.

      The reference to bush meat has no relevance because listing any species in terms of CITES will not stop that practice. The people plying the bush meat trade do not even know of CITES existence.

      But the question needs to be asked why the bush meat trade does not apply to cattle and goats. The simple answer is people own them.

      But, apart from that, it takes an idiot or a bigot not to realize that the survival of animals in protected areas must involve killing (culling) the excess else they will destroy themselves by destroying their habitat.

      The bush meat trade doesn’t apply to the extensive wildlife reserves operated by me and others. To fund our wildlife reserves we must be able to freely trade our wild products of the land which, inter alia, involves killing them on a sustainable basis.

      Most of us would love to have rhino as part of the biodiversity make-up. But we simply can’t afford to because we can’t trade their products. Likewise if the trade in giraffe products is limited or stopped, we will not have giraffe and the proliferation of giraffe on privately owned land will stop and reverse.


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