The Short and Sweet of it…

Sustainable non-consumptive tourism is dependent entirely on the maintenance of stable ecosystems; if the ecosystem is not stable it will, eventually, collapse and with it will go the tourism edifices that relied on that ecosystem.

Stable ecosystems depend on maintaining an equilibrium between conservation’s three priority considerations:

  • First for the soil (without soil there would be no plants) ;
  • Second for the plants (without plants there would be no animals);
  • and Third for the animals.

The animals come last in this priority rating not because they are UN-important but because they are LESS-important than the soil and the plants.

And to maintain that equilibrium man, periodically, or consistently, has to reduce the animals (or, at least, to main their numbers at the correct level).

If you don’t reduce excess animal populations, plants are lost, then soil is lost, then the ecosystem collapses and then tourism goes for a ball of chalk. And ‘somebody’ has to be responsible for maintaining that equilibrium.

Ron Thomson

RON THOMSON His passion, today, is concerned with creating a better informed society – better informed, that is, about “best practice” wildlife management and the wise and sustainable utilization of our wild living resources for the benefit of mankind. He has a strong and passionate commitment to exposing the menace and iniquities of the animal rights doctrine. He is a founding member of the True Green Alliance (TGA) and, for the duration of 2016, he was its President. In January 2017 he was appointed CEO. The TGA is affiliated to South Africa’s wildlife Industry insofar as it has undertaken to fight the industry’s battles to overcome pernicious opposition from the South African and international animal rights movement.

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