Time to push back Mr Hamberlain

In a battle all you need to make you fight is a little hot blood and the knowledge that it’s more dangerous to lose than to win.

George Bernard Shaw


The animal rights movement and people like Gonçalves should to sued in court for libel


Good evening Mr. Hamberlain my name is Trevor Oertel. I belong to a sustainable utilisation group that Dries Van Coller (PHASA) is a member of hence how I got your number

Last night I watched a live stream of the British Animal Rights Activists Eduardo Gonçalves (Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting) where he was promoting his book “Trophy Hunters Exposed Inside The Big Game Industry” where among others he crucified Ron Thomson, the TGA and SCI.

As hunters conservationists can we not look at taking the animal rights movement and people like Gonçalves to court for libel?


Here is a link which Dries might have shared with you, a book review where among others hunters are called serial killers

BOOK REVIEW: Are trophy hunters, serial killers? Supported by wealthy and powerful organisations like Safari Club International, the Dallas Safari Cl  www.dailymaverick.co.za


During last night’s interview, one of the comments made by a viewer was that they have approached the UN to include Trophy Hunting as child abuse. Obviously you can see this in the comment section of the above Facebook live stream but for ease, I will send a screenshot


Cecil and suing the media for slander

I’m sure you are aware of the Zimbabwean Governments position on the legal hunt of that unknown lion “Cecil”. Surely if that is their position Dr. Walter Palmer would have a very strong case of suing the media and animal rights movements for slander/libel?

Cecil is flaunted by the animal rights movement as one of the main reasons why trophy hunters are the spawn of the devil and hunt illegally. Would it not blow their argument right out the water if hunters challenge them on the legality of that hunt. I’ll forward two comments I made on this which have the links to both the Zimbabwean Government confirmation the hunt was legal. I’m sure you have this information already but I guess I shouldn’t assume so will rather send it to you.

I suggested this to someone after the Zimbabwean Government confirmed the hunting of Cecil was legal. Anyone know how to get in touch with Walter Palmer as he should be suing the pants of the media and the animal rights movement for libel.

As we get closer to the 5th anniversary of Cecil the unknown Zimbabwean lion this is what the Zimbabwe Government said of the LEGAL hunt towards the end of 2019.

Now, this you won’t find in the mainstream media:

Written supplementary questions asked of Dr. Patience Gandiwa, Executive Technical Advisor Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, by Rep. Rob Bishop (link in comment section) after her testimony to the House Natural Resources Committee United States House of Representatives:

Was the hunting of Cecil the Lion legal and how does Lion hunting contribute to the conservation of the lion species in Zimbabwe?

What is the potential impact of the proposed bill, H.R. 2245 introduced by Congressman Grijalva, on local communities living with elephants and lions?

Here is Dr. Gandiwa’s crystal clear answer to the question

“Was the hunting of Cecil the Lion legal?”

“The hunting of Cecil the Lion was legal as the hunting party had all the paperwork and permissions required for a legal hunt.”

The link to Dr. Patience Gandiwa’s answers is posted below. I’ll post the links to the hearing and testimonies in the comment section as there is some fascinating reading.

I cannot help wondering what recourse Dr. Walter Palmer has against the thousands of animal rights activists and media that trashed his name.