Unmentionable Cruelty by Stock Thieves in Eastern Cape – NSPCA where are you?

Here is a copy of a WhatsApp message from a farmer in the Eastern Cape.

Hey guys,

Last night the thieves took my ewes and very small lambs from my lands around the house. They were taken 150 m from my bedroom window. The fences were cut and they were herded up Esher hill toward Cathcart. Half way up the E hill they broke Jordan’s lock and herded the sheep across the veld towards Crawley. They took 44ewes and a heap of small lambs.
On following up this morning we found sheep along the trail. Unfortunately they abused the small lambs along the way. We found some with broken legs, smashed sculls, bleeding ears and nose and broken spine. 😡terrible, as many were still alive.
I am pissed off. We got most the ewes back but they got away with 15. And there is a big mixup among the remaining ewes and lambs.
I went to the police station and they said they would come do a statement this evening. Haven’t seen them yet though. We will see tomorrow.


Comment by John Rance

Now just let some farmer try to export one of those sheep live, in good health and NSPCA is likely to be all over them, demonstrating in the streets and conjuring up frivolous court cases to hinder such exports.

You see, like all animal rightists their mission is not animal welfare. Otherwise they’d be up in the night like us, carrying firearms and patrolling the veldt to stop the cruel senseless illegal slaughter of wild and domestic animals.

Or, at least they’d commit some of their ill-gotten millions to fund our anti-poaching and anti stock theft efforts. Even some night vision equipment would be welcome.

Rather, their mission is to hinder by all means, fair or foul, the killing of animals for human consumption. They mis-use the animal cruelty regulations to achieve this end.


A while ago Ron Thomson wrote a letter to the NSPCA but up to date we have not had a reply.
What is your position on this situation Meredith?
I wish to advise you that the general public of South Africa is currently confused about the NSPCA purpose and functions; and I have been asked to provide some clarity – through our broad-based membership – on the following subjects. This interest has recently been elevated, incidentally, by the NSPCA’s (second year in succession) negative involvement in the shipment of South African sheep to the gulf states. But I cannot answer their questions without your constructive support. It would help me tremendously, therefore, if you would be kind enough to answer the following questions:-

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