USA and Europe Leave Africa to Determine its Own Wildlife Management Solutions

If America and Europe – and their animal rightists NGOs – would leave Africa to determine its own wildlife management solutions, Africa would solve its own wildlife problems and Africa’s people would, at last, receive benefits from the sustainable use of the continent’s  wildlife resources.

But this is unlikely to happen. America and Europe – and the Western animal rights NGOs – have the African a gravy train by the tail and they are unlikely to let it go.

So Africa must paddle on against the Western current – which has never done Africa any good.  And the long term outcome for this status quo is not very good.

Africa, therefore, would be better off turning to China and the other countries of the Far East than to continue standing on its knees and praying that America and Europe will one-day do “the right thing” by Africa.

They would be better off taking a chance with China – and see what happens.  They really don’t have much to lose.

And more and more Africans are starting to think this way.  The American government, therefore, needs to sit up and take notice.

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  1. Rodney Genricks

    Hi Ron
    I cannot agree more as the rape of Africa’s wildlife by these ARAs is simply criminal and the impoverished people of Africa are expected to pay the price.

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