What Americans should know about Africa’s Elephants – Part 1

Following very successful propaganda campaigns over the last several years, orchestrated by, especially, the American Animal Rights lobby, the whole world has been imbued with a totally false perception about what is really happening with regard to elephants, rhinos and lions in Africa; and the consequential fall-out on all these species has been detrimental in the extreme.

First of all, the American public should be advised that propaganda has nothing to do with telling the truth. Propaganda is: The spreading of ideas, information or rumour for the purpose of promoting an ideal – or injuring an institution, cause or person – by any means, true or false.

Americans should also be advised that it is the stated purpose of the animal rights NGOs to ABOLISH all animal uses by man; including banning the wildlife trade. This vision has been very effectively manipulated into huge emotional campaigns ostensibly to save Africa’s wildlife – especially elephants, rhinos and lions. The target audiences have been urban communities in Western cities who have no idea whatsoever about the facts of wildlife conservation in Africa. All they know is what the animal rightists tell them in their propaganda – and so millions of honest and genuine people in the Western World have been sucked into believing everything the animal rightists tell them. These NGOs are not the experts they purport to be!

Why have so many discerning and intelligent people been so easily duped? They have been conned because they are human! Nevertheless, people CAN break out of the mould if they really want to!

Joseph Goebels, the Propaganda Minister for the German Third Reich during World War II, coined the phrase: Tell a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth. And over the last several decades the animal rightists, in their constant propaganda, have been bombarding their victims, hundreds of thousands of times every month, with the lie that the African elephant is facing extinction. And the media – without any corroborating evidence – have climbed onto the emotional bandwagon to reinforce this terribly counterproductive fabrication.

Under these circumstances, it is no wonder that the whole world now believes that the African elephant truly faces extinction? Yet this statement is very far from the truth!

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