What’s Your Problem with Hunting?

The 64th General Assembly of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) opened its doors in Montreux, Switzerland on 28 April.

The motto is “Harmony with Wildlife – Urban and Rural Perceptions”.

This slogan was selected as over the past couple years, with the rise of easily-accessible media reports and social connectivity, differences in perceptions of hunting and hunters are increasingly conflicting in all areas of the world.

Emmanuel La Roche, Head of the Swiss Delegation of the CIC (3rd from left) and George Aman, President of the CIC (right from the CIC flag) at the Opening Ceremony of the 64th CIC General Assembly

These strongly opposing views create a divide among people which is deepened with the increasing presence of media in our lives where information, either correct or not, can reach hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of days.

For hunting, a highly emotive topic, this has already proven to be a hindrance its use as a conservation tool, despite its many successes, and it could be detrimental to its future unless we fight back.

Those which we are fighting are the anti-hunters, animal rightists, and those who are following their emotions and misrepresentations of information rather than scientific evidence.

Read the full article here as posted on the CIC website.


Ron Thomson CEO of The True Green Alliance

Ron Thomson represented The True Green Alliance at The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and also participated in the discussion. ‘What’s your problem with hunting?” A topic to be discussed with participants against hunting…

Ron Thomson CEO of The True Green Alliance and Stephen Palos CEO of CHASA

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  1. Tertius Myburgh

    Hi Ron
    I have met you 2,5 years ago at the Phasa Conventioin in the Drakensberg. During that debate it was clear that there was division in the organisation. I am a part time PH for plains game only. My knowledge on the hunting of lions was only by means of conversations and articles etc. I did however worked on a hunting farm in the Eastern Cape for a short while where the breeding of lions is part of the bigger business of hunting.
    I just want to thank you for the effort and work that you do and the articles that you write to inform us of what is going on in the industry. I have started to spread your articles to some of the American hunters that I have met over the years and will continue to do so. I am still a member of PHASA and I will stay with them. It is however sad that the Custodians formed their own group and although I can understand that there is a difference in the views of the 2 organisations it still damaged our voice as hunters. I do respect many of the Custodians and would have loved to be able to follow in many of their footsteps as far as hunting in general is concerned. It will be a great day if the organisations can one day join again.
    Please continue to air your views without preference to anybody. You are indeed well qualified to do so.

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